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Tax Sale Season 2023

Special thanks to our Councilwoman Odette Ramos for sharing the following news in her email newsletter. We are grateful for the work she and housing advocates are doing to change tax sale policy at the city and state level.

It's Tax Sale Season - How You Can Avoid It?

Many of you received Final Bill and Legal Notices indicating that taxes and fees have not been paid, and you could have your home on tax sale. As you know this is an issue we have been working on for years. While we work with Mayor Scott to reform our system, we have resources to help you pay, or address any accounting errors. Please see this link here or contact our office directly.

If you need support navigating the tax sale process, please reach out to our Housing Committee and they can link you to a volunteer:

Additional Resources

Tax Sale Help Baltimore is a free online tool that helps Baltimore City homeowners figure out the complicated tax sale process. By answering a few simple questions, you will get resources and information about preventing tax sale.

Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland has also published a resource guide.

Advocate Tax Sale Resource Guide
Download PDF • 206KB

Tax Sale in the News

The Baltimore Banner has also recently published a very detailed article on the topic:

Tax sale nightmare: How an unpaid bill can cost Baltimore homeowners thousands, or even their homes

Some 41,000 properties have gone through the city’s tax sale since 2016, a Baltimore Banner investigation found, threatening home ownership and prolonging vacancies in majority-Black neighborhoods.

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