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Neighborhood Signs

After 50-odd years, it is time to replace our beloved Ednor Gardens neighborhood signs. At Civic Association meetings over the past few years, we have addressed the need to figure out how to best replace or renew the current signs.  


To bring new signs to fruition, we established the Ednor Gardens-Lakeside Civic Association Sign Committee to oversee the funding, design, outreach, creation, and installation of new neighborhood signs.  Over the last few months, we have received $10,000 in grant funding from Healthy Neighborhoods and Baltimore Community Foundation to replace the signs at The Alameda and Windemere Ave and  Ellerslie Ave and E 36th St. The Sign Committee has worked for months to create new sign designs that honor the history of the neighborhood, while also representing the Ednor Gardens-Lakeside community today. 


Sign Meeting

On July 17th at 7pm, we held a meeting for neighbors to be able to view the designs digitally and vote on the design that they would like to see created for our new neighborhood signs. To view a recording of that meeting, please click the link below and enter the password provided:

Password: 6j&62160 


Voting will be available via email until July 20th at 8pm.

Sign Design Finalists

Andy Dahl (Design A):

I chose to create a design that is both inspired from our current sign and also serves as a unique gateway to our neighborhood. The Lily and Dogwood flowers are painted from actual images of flowers from the Ednor Gardens Lakeside homes. This sign would be hand-cut from professional-grade signboard, hand-painted, finished with laser-cut metal pin letters, and mounted to painted steel posts.

Kim Bentley (Design B):

I was inspired by the decorative wood cut flowers in our current sign and chose to update and expand on that style to highlight the beauty and lushness of our neighborhood gardens. I updated the font to a classic and more legible style and included a simpler version of the art nouveau border. I enjoyed bridging the old versus the new in this design and I think it would be a bold, yet timeless entry into our historic neighborhood. This design would be sandblasted out of cedar wood by a professional sign shop, with the raised type and floral design painted white and mounted to wooden posts. The sign measures 72"x45", just a little taller than our current sign.

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